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  1. All products developed by the project owner are intellectual property and shall only be used and co-owned by the Stakeholders. Selling / Misusing/reusing resources, products by themselves, or any other data, software, plugin, theme, or design of the project is strictly prohibited. Reach out to the project owner for special requests. 

  2. Project Completion Data may vary depending on business circumstances, updates, rework, and changes. 

  3. A 50% Payment must be made as a security fee towards the project and later shall be deducted from the final payment. 

  4. A refund of 50% fee will not be granted after the start of the project

  5. The project can be on hold for up to 3 months and the security fee shall be held towards the project and can be resumed anytime. The hold Period may be extended in certain situations however please reach out to the project owner for more information.

  6. Revamp / Change in scope / Addition to the existing scope might be chargeable kindly reach out to the project owner for more details. 

  7. Any Recurring Fees must be made 3 days prior to renewal considering international terms. 

  8. Security / Advance Fee is refundable 90% in case of project termination before the start of the project. Consulting Fee of 10% will be charged on project termination before the start of the project.

  9. The project owner shall not be responsible for any damage, bugs, spam, server attack, website attack, malware, security threat, database leak, database deletion, database fails, API fails, credentials, etc, Some of the above are covered in our monthly maintenance plan kindly consult with the Project Owner for more information.

  10. Stakeholders are solely responsible for any legal/criminal prosecutions/laws that are applied to the usage and content of the website. GDPR / CCPA or any other legal laws are subject to be respected and taken care of. The Project Owner shall not be responsible as these are solely managed by the Stakeholders. 

This Document is only for internal purposes and is treated as a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT between the Stakeholder / Business Owner and the Project Owner. Alzarsio holds the rights to the above contract as anindividual entity. Any confidential data / information shared during the staging process would be under the direct ownership of Alzarsio until the project completion. The Designs used might be patented by Alzarsio which holds rights towards the usage and must only be used by the Business Owner / Stakeholder of the project being handed off to. Alzarsio does not provide refunds on the advance payment nor on the full payment. Any updates towards the website after 15 days of project deployment date will result in task based charges which can be consulted with the Project Owner. For more info kindly check the above terms and notes.

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